Planning into prosperity

Imagine: It’s Monday morning, 8:30 a.m. The computer is on, my coffee next to it and I’m ready to start this working week. This is just not the actual start to my week. No this one starts on Sunday night with my plan how I’m going to plan this week in a way that I end it with energy, joy and goals achieved.

I have all the things in my head that I want to do & achieve. I want to schedule time for myself. I want Q-time with my kids this week. Then they have their own agenda to take into account. Think of the sports lessons and social contacts. I want to get my house in order & keep it clean. And I also want to spend time with my circle of friends. I also want to do my job well. AND running a business next to it. And while I’m just getting that straight, I think: what am I going to do, it’s so much. Because as a woman you can wear many different hats and that all has to happen in those 24/7. At least that’s the plan.

The problem

What I’ve come up with in the past was that I was very busy with everyday life. But that my own personal goals and dreams began to fade more and more. I was busy working, housework and family life. And that alone filled my days. And I got an underlying disgruntled feeling. Why that feeling came up was in the part that I didn’t get everything out of myself that was in me. And I noticed that in my peace of mind. I was giving myself a lot. And forgot to do the same for myself.

Sometimes we can get through the hustle and bustle of life. Go beyond the part that gives us so much energy and joy. For everyone, that’s personal to fill in what that is. And because of that, my reason isn’t necessarily your reason for wanting to plan. Even if you want to plan your rest to have time for yourself. Or do you want to schedule time to exercise and achieve your sports goals. Then that’s something you give yourself. But maybe you, like me, want to expand your business. But you’re still looking for the time. Then planning and organizing your time is a very good solution.

So, bravely, I’m going to start working with my planner. Write down what goals I have for the next week, month, year. And what I’d like to do. All this is nicely divided in my planner. Here’s how I go through the steps of planning & organization:

  1. 1. Mindmapping
  2. 2. Time management – Prioritizing by schedule
  3. 3. Time to pin – How much time did I spend on the task?
  4. 4. Fill in calendar
  5. 5. Morning Glory – ME time

In the coming weeks I will write more in dept about the 5 topics mentioned here. But i would like to talk about this above all: WHY I do it this way.

What does planning and organizing give to you

When you spend time writing down your thoughts. So here’s a great method for mindmapping. It’ll give you more clarity. In addition, you can also use some time management to see how much time you spend on your tasks. Which allows you to see in an overview if you are wasting time. Whether there are tasks that you can delegate or that can save you time. Because saving time can save time for another goal. When you split your time on your calendar. At the end of the week you can also look at what you have achieved in the past week with a satisfied feeling.

Sometimes you don’t have that much time to devote to something. But to be able to see that you do spend time on it can still motivate you. And achieving goals can set happy chemical like dopamine free again. This is a brain chemical that makes you feel happy. And when you’re happy, it also gives you strength and motivation to move forward.

In addition, it gives me by the overview to have also rest & peace. I know there’s time for all those things I have in mind. And All I have to do is execute them. No more bringing up my to-do lists in my mind.

Planning & organizing provides you: clarity, overview, saves you time, gives a satisfied feeling, motivates, strengthens and offer peace. And these are all kinds of beautiful ingredients for prosperity in your life.

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

Lenora | lady prosperity

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