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The journey…

Strengthening my backbone is the journey I’ve gone through. After 3 pregnancies. Something would have gone wrong inside my body. I didn’t run and walk without pain anymore. Not a day without the stinging pains in my lower back and pelvis. I fell through my legs regularly during pregnancy. And not because my belly got so big.

I suffered from pelvic instability that caused everything to weaken so much, that standing up was no longer possible and I limped. The last weeks of my 3rd child’s pregnancy, I also lay flat on the couch until the day of delivery…. What a miserable hard time that was.

Depend on help from other people. And I wanted to, but I met myself in a completely different way every time. I felt disabled, robbed of my possibilities that seemed so normal before. Walking, jumping, dancing and running. It wasn’t all like before. And yes, that did something in me.

The process of self-acceptance. The fact that I wasn’t the same as before is something I didn’t talk about very openly. And how we show our beautiful sides on social media in this day and age. Is that there’s often a story behind the photo. Of course I can see my blessings and how beautiful and healthy all 3 of them have come into the world. And yes, that’s always been a good band-aid on the wound for me.

But that wound was still there. And I started to get annoyed with all those things I wanted to do with my body. But did not do, due to the result of days of pain in the back and pelvis. I had my hands full with my family of 5 and the household. And sometimes there were days when vacuuming a house from top to bottom was quite a challenge. What that looked like. I started vacuuming with my positive mindset and then had to lie on the couch in the evening. And still have to recover from it 2 days later.

People sometimes say. As soon as it hurts you enough, change will come. Well, I was ready for a change! There must be more than this! I thought. All those people who know how to rehabilitate and strengthen. They really do exist. And why not me. You could say I could really feel the pain of the defect. And it wasn’t just physical, it was also mental.

Back centre Amsterdam

And that’s why I decided to make an appointment at the Rugcentrum in Amsterdam. After the intake, I got excited. But also because of the sincerely honest explanation I got. That after the 3-month process I will really have to continue training. That maybe I won’t be completely pain-free. But I did make a kick start to get ahead on the way to goal in front of them. A strong spine.

The power of the mindset

But to get that strong spine into the natural, I had to get that “strong backbone” in my mind. And I came to realize that first of all I had to adjust my thinking. How badly do you want this, Lenora? I’ve asked myself that question so many times. yes, I want this. I want to be stronger in my body, I want to see my perseverance in the natural. I want to grow. Both spiritually and naturally. I want to be able to dance again. I want to be able to run again, jump normally; actively play with the kids. And then catch up when one of them puts it on the run outside, haha.

Every week I had fixed days and times when I went to the Back Centre to work out with a schedule. I often came across very nice seniors at that time. And was also often asked the opening question during the conversation what brings me here with my age. The great thing about the Rugcentrum is that there is great good guidance available to help you with your workouts. They always know how to get you to persevere when you don’t like it anymore. That moment when you feel the pain really heavy. And actually want to stop. Where they can immediately reassure you that it does hurt, but that you can still go through a bit. But also that there is no atmosphere of competition that you sometimes experience in the gyms. This is a group of people with the same goal: that back needs to be stronger!

Small steps forward is still moving forward

And everything went with small choices to small steps forward! But I was moving forward! And I got stronger. I noticed that from those simple things like vacuuming or walking up the stairs faster. And since then, I’ve known it’s worth moving forward to get your vision. That strong spine starts with the decision in your mind. Go for it! Don’t let anything and no one tell you you can’t get stronger. That you’re always going to have to live with a flaw. Because that’s a lie. Even when the circumstances or the situation are not rosy, there is a way to get the best out of it.

This process was for me years ago. But why I’m bringing it up now is because I felt my back and pelvic muscles pull again and hurt. I almost felt like I was back to my old days. And that was simply because I hadn’t workout for a while. I had actually stopped what is so good for my mind and body. Fortunately, there is still such a thing as the memory. And as a result, we can always go back to the result of the hard work. I remembered it’s worth getting back into the gym. To maintain a trainingsschedule again. And that memory set me in motion again.

Soon I got that feeling of getting stronger again. You notice that in the little things. Get up the stairs faster. Or pick something up from the ground faster. But apart from that, it was another obstacle to overcome. It is worth going through the pain to reach an end goal. The remembrance of the time was enough to pick it up now. The power of positive memory.

Tell yourself from time to time: I can do this! And make your goals visible to yourself to achieve. Write it down, plan the time you’re going to spend on it and go for it! Nothing’s too crazy, as long as you keep your spirit up. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Every step forward is a step forward. And as long as you keep moving foward, it is a good thing. For one in hiking pass, for the other in a sprint. You will always get into your success!

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

LENORA | Lady Prosperity

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