Create your best mood | Get the best out of yourself with the 5 senses

How are you? How has your mood been lately? Can you still keep it positively up, with the corona measures and the lock down?

I imagine it can be quite a challenge at times to keep your mood positive and upbeat in this day and age. That is why I started to think a little more deeply about how you could influence this yourself positively.

We all have our 5 senses: see, hear, feel, smell and taste. And these senses can affect your mood. But this can also positively influence you yourself.

In life, we are not in control of all things that happen to us. And so you will probably also find yourself in the situation that things are not going smoothly. Or you suddenly have to deal with something like a Corona virus. Or you just have an off day .. because that can happen too.

I am giving this pandemic as an example because we are dealing with it worldwide. Some countries can already resume their life as they know it. And we, in the Netherlands, still have to fill our daily lives with the necessary adjustments. But it is without discussion that everyone can imagine that this past year will have some influence on us. So let’s talk about the mood and your peace of mind.

The 5 senses magnified:


Seeing and perceiving is very important. What are you looking at? I would describe it as an example like this: when I watch a sad movie. Then my mood can turn sad too. It makes me feel sad. Now it is true that they usually ensure that it ends well. But try to imagine watching a Netflix series and it doesn’t end as happy as you hoped. They really do exist. Then the end is so disappointing. That you immediately notice this in your mood.

In this way it brings an emotion with it. Sometimes also a desire to life. When you see something beautiful that you would like to have someday. It can motivate you to work hard for it. Or to save for what you want.

If you start watching all kinds of negative things on TV every time. Then that can develop fear. This is what the corona virus has also caused in many people. If you find a balance in this, you will experience much more peace. I personally would not be happy to follow all developments regarding the corona virus all day. In fact, the opposite. That is why I consciously choose from time to time not to follow everything anymore. So we certainly have a large influence on what we see.

A tidy environment also ensures peace. Seeing junk, for example, can trigger you to have to do something. Cleaning ! It can be distracting. But also hinder in your overview and / or space.


Think of touches, hugs. Did you know that hugging and touching also release the hormone oxytocin that makes you feel happy. In my blog post about “Happy chemicals in your brain” I will tell you a little more about this. Oxytocin is also referred to as the hug or love hormone. Maybe it’s more recognizable when you feel bad and someone gives you a big hug. Then it immediately feels a bit better in your mood.

Recently there was a very nice program on TV in which they were going to do a test. The first test was that the person had to put their hand in a container of ice-cold water. Then they measured how long that person would keep that up. The 2nd test was the same, but now the partner was holding their hand. It was remarkable that they could keep their hand in the container of ice cold water for so much longer. Shared burden can be sustained longer. You saw very clearly the effect of the touch here.

But also think of clothing that fits comfortably. That nice warm soft sweater. Soft pillows or blankets that make you feel so good. A lovely duvet cover. It could be a very small thing. But a soft bath towel and a nice bath mat can do a lot to your feeling. You could see it as a mini wellness for you.


What are the scents that make you happy? Is that a delicious dish, a just baked cake. Or do you like the smell of the rain after a beautiful sunny day. Or do you like the scent in your freshly washed duvet cover?

I never really realized before how strongly scents can have an effect. Until I noticed that I could be incredibly irritated by a certain perfume. And that while others thought it was really great. I couldn’t stand the smell. I also have the same with the scent of incense. So one can love that at home. But for me, that’s one of the smells that can make me seriously grumpy.

But how can you experience the perception of smell as something positive. Nowadays you have those wonderful home perfumes. You can find them as a spray, but there are also fragrance sticks. You can choose many ways to make your house smell wonderful.


  • house perfume
  • aroma diffuser – with your own favorite essential oil
  • Boil fabric softener in a pan with water and the vapor will make your house smell wonderful.
  • Scented candles
  • Or the smell of good food. For example, people bake a cake when they want to sell their house. To make it attractive to the people who come to view it. I grew up with an Indonesian mother. The smell of food makes me feel like home.


Music does a lot for our mood. Music can make you happy, among other things. But also active if you want to do your workout. For example, music has a huge effect on our feelings.

Pharell’s song Happy is one of my son’s favorite songs. As small as he was, he couldn’t sit still once it got up. He just had to dance. That’s the nice reminder that the song gives me. So when I think about it, I think about my child’s happiness. Plus that it is also a very happy song, which you can hardly sit still.

Music can also give peace and tranquility. See what they do in wellness centers and beauty salons. Then you hear soothing music softly in the background that puts you in that mood of calm. Some people like to fall asleep to Ambient sounds, nature sounds. Others love to do their (school home) work with classical music.

When I experience a lot of noise at home. Then I like to put on some instrumental music. I will post my favorite below. This number also has a positive effect on my children. It calms them down. But I also use this a lot for writing, for example. It brings me to a certain peace of mind. This also helps me enormously when I feel restless due to negative situations or the like. I love to dream away with this kind of music.


Oeehh I am now thinking of all kinds of tasty things to eat and drink, like Roti kukus. And maybe it’s just me. But good food makes me happy. Of course that is a personal thing of my own. But have you noticed how happy children are with a delicious ice cream. Ok not just kids, me too!

Imagine this one. People recommended a restaurant to you. And finally you go to that restaurant. You ordered a dish. And the taste was really awful. How would your mood be now. Especially after you have received all kinds of good references. But the experience was nowhere near. Tastes differ, of course. And that is why everyone has their own experience with what they perceive in the taste.

I like my morning coffee. And in the evening, a big mug of tea with honey can get me completely calm and relaxt. Little things that make me enjoy.

An example of all 5 senses at the same time:

You are enjoying the sun on your face in your garden on a warm summer evening. You can smell the BBQ scent passing by and on your plate you have a delicious satay, which you enjoy immensely. Next to it is your favorite summer drink with a cooling ice cube in it. And you see your beloved family / friends enjoying the get together. Would that improve your mood. Mine certainly would!

And so you can compose for yourself & discover what makes you so happy. And thus keep your own mood high. We are all looking for the way to get through the difficult and hard times. And there is also so much you can do yourself. If you have any nice tips to share on how to keep your mood up. Send me a message below, I’d love to hear them!

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

Lenora | Lady Prosperity

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