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Be happy with the little things! The beginning is only small.

Dear readers,

I'm glad you're back. Hence a smaller message from me. But I'm happy to share it with you. I was watching a movie about Tyler Perry, and something he said caught my attention. What he said was "do not despise small beginnings". Be happy with the little things! He gave that in response to the question of how he has become so successful. He told me that sometimes he made small steps that didn't seem so important. But it has led to great results. And that little phrase brought up a lot of memories.

Often enough, I thought I hadn't gotten ahead of myself. And that I was stagnating and useless in the things I worked on. Of course, I had to overcome that obstacle in my own head first. Because none of that was true. My visions and dreams are not always just a wild fantasy. Some thoughts about how you would like to see things are God-given inspirations to enthuse you to move a little more towards His will. But why I couldn't see this in the first place was because of the phrase "can I do this?!".

I started to see that years of work experience as a Management Assistant, Office Manager, Event manager, P.A. and many more titles have given me something that seems natural. But not taken for granted. The work as an Assistant has given me a way of overview that I apply daily in my life. Sometimes we don't always think about what each skillset brings us. But when you take the time to see what's inside you. See more and more how you can use your own strength as best you can in your life. How this has been expressed in practice, I will of course share with you. But for now, it's about those little steps to prosperity.

There's an assistant in all of us. When we help our neighbor, we're already assistants. But there are so many relationships you can describe as assisting someone else. Whether this is as a parent & child, as a woman for the man (and vice versa), or as a nurse for the sick. But also in my case as the director and the personal assistant. The role of an assistant sounds very businesslike. But when we just see it in our daily lives. Then you will discover that it is not only in business. Sometimes we learn to be our own "assistant". Help yourself to a better and prosperous life.

But what it really comes down to is that we're made to live with each other. One has a great gift in something that the other is short of. And when you have a willing heart to help. To be subservient. And to want to give. Then you can mean so much to the other. I have personally experienced what I have in my hands. I could use it to bless others. What I got in return was the best they could give me. Fortunately, we don't all have to be the same. And may we build, puzzle, grow with the skillset we have. With the gifts and talents that are in us. And where we fall short. there are others who have mastered that very much and can help you with it.

So now that I look back at the past few years. Can I say, "I do not despise small beginnings". For all these little principles have led to more sharing. More wisdom to use how best to make my choices. But also to be the best version of myself. For myself, but also for the people around me.

What I've noticed in the journey of building my business. Is that you encounter your own mindset. And also the realization or that is the mindset you want to fill your future with. Or that's the mindset where you can get to your goals and make your dreams come true. You run into yourself in what you've been stuck on all this time. And know what patterns of thought have stopped you.

So when you have a goal in mind or dreams you want to achieve. Then know that every step is a step forward. Even though it's small, moving forward. In this day and age, we want things fast and now. But you can do it at your own pace. As long as it's ahead. Even if you need help, that's a step forward.

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There's a lot to go for. And what I want to give you is. do not despise small beginnings – either be happy with the little things!The beginning is only small.(Zacharia 4:10 BB) Every small step forward you make is a step towards the bigger picture. Don't look at them as small. Think of them as a puzzle piece that will fall apart in the future and you will see a beautiful whole.

"Let's have Prosperity in Life"


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