Let’s have Prosperity in Health | a healthy perspective on prosperity

Last week I talked about “What is Prosperity and where to find it”. But I always find one particular part very important. Especially in the subject of prosperity, success, well-being.

When we have all those dreams, visions and goals in mind or planned out. There is one thing we need to make it happen. That’s right, health. Wether that is a healthy body or a sound mind. Health can get us reach goals easier and more pleasant.

Without good health you cannot get all that you want to achieve in the best way possible. Good health makes us strong, clear of mind, positive, loving.

A healthy body

I have a blogpost about having pains in my back and pelvis. I needed to strengthen my backbone. You can read the blogpost “Strengthen you backbone | it starts in your mind” here. But to get that strong spine into the natural, I had to get that “strong backbone” in my mind. It wasn’t easy to finally made the descision to take ownership in what I did have control of.

But I also realize that it is not always that simple. Sometimes we suffer great illnesses. And sometimes our loved ones are sick. And we feel helpless and health seems out of reach. This in itself can have a great impact on a person. And it takes strength to keep the spirit up.

These past 1,5 year with the pandemic we all had our thoughts and maybe even experiences concerning health. And there is a part that we can manage. We can look at our intake. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Have good hygiene and get your health resistance at best. Check if you have any deficiencies in vitamines. Get your 8+ hours of sleep and live a life with minimum to no stress. But that last one can be a challenge when we are constantly bombarded with bad news and subjects that tries to get us to a whole bunch of emotions.

The mind is a powerful thing

So what do you do when we are bombarded with all the negative news nowadays on tv and the internet. We receive so much information in a blink of an eye on our electronic devices. And this can be so rapid, that we don’t really take a look at the impact to what it does to our mind & well-being.

When a message is repeated constantly. And you take it to heart. That’s where the message start to come to life. This past year I started to notice what it really does to my body. What happens when I hear another negative message or story. How do I feel. What emotions comes up. What are my thoughts at that time. Sometimes I experience fear, other times anger or sadness.

And what do we do with those emotions. When we don’t deal with our inner life, we will find the effect in our physical body. Some people cannot sleep very well, while others feel physical pains like a sore neck or headaches for instance.

But besides all that information that comes at us every day. We still are able to take control over our mind. It needs only to be aware of what comes through your thought life.

Matters of the heart

Before information, messages or words settles in the heart. We can take ownership of what we take in. This part has to do with knowing the truth. If a person tells you, you’re a banana. And you know for 100% that you are not. Then then statement will not take root in your heart.

A simple example I always make is. When you tell a person he is dumb all the time. There will come a time that that person can take that remark as truth and it can settle in his heart. The step after that is that that person can get insecure and show signs of instability.

But how can you know what is in that heart? Well with what comes out of the mouth. What is it that he talks about. What are the subjects and what does he feel/think about it.

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

Luke 6:45 NIV

Speak life

We speak out of the abundance of our hearts. Now with that being said. When we listen carefully to those words that come out of our mouths. We can detect in what condition our own heart is. I believe living a healthy life is starting with yourself first. We can look at people around us. But the truth is, we cannot control other people & their mouth.

When you notice you are speaking more negative that positive. Then you can take ownership to the parts that you can controle. What can you change to get more closer to your Prosperity in Life. Those steps don’t need to big huge impressive changes in your life.

Just know that every step into the direction of your prosperity, is a step forward. And that is walking into your best life ever.

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

Lady Prosperity

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