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So I lie in bed and think, “nice and early to bed! Tomorrow so fresh and so clean up for my Morning Glory time and then it happens.. I just lie awake while my mind is building a whole party in my head. What the world is that? I really didn’t invite all those partygoers. Think about: storylines, ideas, theories, just random thoughts. There’s a lot of stuff going on. And especially in this last six months, I’ve had a lot of these kinds of parties in my mind. Right just before bed.

And I know about myself that I really need 8 hours of sleep. And I’m going to have to do something with all those thoughts. My ideal solution is:

Create a mind map!

With my pen and paper I write down all those thoughts in this amazing method. At a visual glance, I immediately created order in everything that came up. After that I can also let it go and then start that 8 hours of sleep I was planning to do so.

So what is that, mindmapping

Mindmapping is brainstorming everything that comes to mind. Visually making what comes to mind at that moment. Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it.

When I was introduced to this, I only applied it to my business ideas. But now I’ve used it in so many different ways. That I’ve really started to like it.

I’ll describe the method. You can do this very easily with pen and paper. But there are also possibilities to do this digitally.

  1. 1. in the middle you write down your head subject
  2. 2. then you write around the brainstorming topics that are in link to it.
  3. 3. you can write them out in more detail on these brainstorming topics. For example, what falls under the subject.

I’ll give you an example of myself at Lady Prosperity. What I have in my mind. And how I wrote that out in my mind map.

If I want to brainstorm from every subject. Then I could use a separate mindmap page for each part. This way I can define what I want to share about it. You can also do this on the same sheet if you want everything on one large page. But that’s all up to you.

Mindmapping is very good to use if you want to brainstorm about your business. But what I like so much is that I’ve started using it in so many other ways. Here are some examples:

Mindmapping with children

I have applied the mind map in conversations with my kids. Just to see what they like most to do. We went on to write out what it takes to be able to do that fun thing they mentioned. As an example: they like to go to an amusement park together. What it takes: money, time, transportation. Who do you want to take with you: and then some names came up. And what do we take with us: sweets, drinks, cookies, sandwiches with … And that’s how we were going to write it out. The nice thing about this is that you get some kind of moodboard on paper. Of all kinds of things the child likes. That’s how you get to know every child better. And also what they see as important. You can think of it as visually making what’s going on in their minds. This is hugely helpful to be able to see what your child’s love language is. I can tell you a lot more about that, but I’ll leave that for a future blog.

Mindmap about things that bother you

Another example of a mind map is when I have a conflict about something. Something’s bothering me. And I want to find out exactly what’s bothering me about the incident. Then I’ll write down what happened. I’ll write down the feelings. Then there’s the thoughts I got. And my idea of how I could fix it. Or how it could have been different or better. What I could have done differently. This also gives real insight about my own thoughts, but also helpful if you want to enter into a conversation with the person concerned.

Mindmap about your sports goals

Sports goals are also a fun thing to do. What goal do I want to achieve? Do you want to gain weight (like me) or just lose weight. What exercises am I going to do for that? And how much time am I going to spend on it? And when am I going to do that? And where am I going to do that? What kind of nutrition weekly schedule am I going to make <– also a great mindmap tip!

All thoughts that are written down nicely in a mind map. That order on paper (or digitally) gives peace to the mind. So there are many ways to use a mind map.

The advantages I have been able to discover in the mindmap method:

1. Gives peace & orde
2. You don’t have to remember all those thoughts anymore, because it’s neatly on paper
3. Provides overview & insight
4. Use of both hemispheres of the brain. It helps you to get creative with your mind.
5. Gives you a visual overview.

As I mentioned before and show in the photo. You can also create a mind map on your computer. I created a digital mind mapping template. So you can also store it in your digital calendar. Or if you can view a document on your electronic devices.

The great thing about a digital mind map is that you can add all kinds of photos and pictures. And make it digital as beautiful as possible as you want. This way you can even make it into a moodboard in mind mapping style. How to get this for free is by clicking on the buttons below, which will lead you to my Canva environment.


Canva is a program where I leave all my creativity in freely when it comes to design & design. You can make a lot of beautiful things with it. With the “Canva friends link” you and I get a credit to get a free premium element. With the Mind mapping link you get access to my Mindmapping template. Where you can digitally complete your brainstorm.

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