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How to make an amazing visionboard with Canva

Hi all!

How’s it going? Have you read my blog post about 2021 Happy New Year planning? In this I am talking about making a digital vision board.

We, humans, read pictures and photos in a faster way than text. And that’s why a vision board is great fun to make.

A vision board is all you want to achieve. Like your dreams, bucket list, vision for the future. But also your 2021 good intentions. You can easily incorporate them all into a visionboard. And with that, you can remember every time you want to go. This gives you a purpose and direction. And when we consciously deal with the things we want to (achieve) then you will also go that way in your daily steps. Step by step, indulging your dreams is something I call:

“Let’s have Prosperity in life”

But we’re now in lock down because of the Covid-19 measures. And to find the right photos and pictures for your vision board, you will have to search them in magazines, newspapers or print out the internet. Which can be time-consuming. Now it’s a nice job to cut out and paste therapeutically. O
nly I have an easier way to make a vision board. I made a video about how to easily make a vision board in Canva.


Canva is a program where you can let go of your creative selve. It has a lot of possibilities to create content for your social media, for example. Or also make presentations o.i.d. Canva has bizarrely many possibilities to create beautiful things. And so is the digital vision board.

You can now also make your own version of your vision board. Like I showed in the video. You can add your own colors, texts. Your own pictures. But you could even make a movie out of it. If you want to make your vision board lively, you can also add videos instead of photos. Canva also offers a wide range of stock photos and videos. With this you could even place your own music underneath it or maybe you would like to place your own voicenote underneath it. Unleash your creativity in the possibility of building your own amazing vision board!

My Digital Visionboard template:

If you would like it then you can use it FOR FREE in my Canva area via this link below. Then you get a copy in your Canva account. Canva has a free account. Which you can also get very far in creating your own beautiful creations. Lots of fun with it!

Let’s have Prosperity in Life

LENORA | Lady Prosperity

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