2021 Happy New Year planning

Tips how to make your 2021 new year plan!

And before you know it, there it is… 2021 has started. HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR!!

And what do you want to achieve and do this year? Every year in December, people start thinking about how they lived and lived this year. And in doing so, many of us come from such a moment. Let me write down my new year resolutions.

This past year has thrown a lot of buzz into the Covid-19 situation. Some have had to change the whole 2020 plan and adapt to this way of life. Some plans and dreams have been quarantined and for some the idea of 2020 has been completely abandoned.

But don’t worry! There’s always such a thing as starting over. Learning from the experiences. The lessons we could learn from the year and make a better new year’s resolutions plan!

I would like to go one step further in achieving goals for 2021 with some tips to make your own New Year plan.

Why I take that step further is because sometimes we can make very nice good intentions and after a while that gets lost under the dust. Then all kinds of things happen that you couldn’t have factored into your plan. Simply because that’s life. Unpredictable and sometimes very surprising. As we could not imagine last year, we would live this way after March. It’s happening!

I always find it so sad to look back at what I wanted to do by the end of the year and to see that I didn’t achieve it. Not achieved the goals. Not the things done and/or can do. And don’t see visions reflected. So I like to speak out loud about how I make such an annual plan and hope that it will also inspire you to make your new year visible and concrete for yourself.

1. Create mindmap.

Mindmapping about the big goals you want to achieve. Sub topics make what you want to achieve in that big goal. And then what you need for it. Check out my blog on how to create a mind map so you can get everything on paper

The part you need is what you’re going to take as a task plan to work on the end goal, end of the year.

2. Make annual planning:

A year consists of 4 quarters of 13 weeks.

Quarterly planning: For each quarter, you could take a key topic to work on. Then you’d be on four main topics a year. This can be broken down into the tasks you need to do to achieve such a main topic. There are 13 weeks in one quarter. Think of 3 months time. So you divide the number of tasks over that number of weeks. And put them in your calendar as a work task.

In this way, the main goal is broken down into small tasks. And because it’s made smaller, it’s easier to achieve your end goal. It doesn’t feel so overwhelming in this way either. But step by step, building a little bit on your dream is very motivating.

3. Create (Digital) visionboard

Creating a vision board ensures that you create a board with pictures and photos where you can easily see your dreams and goals. Because you’ve already created a mind map. Is a vision board very easy to make. The main topics are the photos and pictures you want on them.

If you make a digital version of your mood board or vision board. Then you can also save it on your phone or on your computer as a wallpaper. This way you get to see it regularly, which reminds you of your vision, dreams and goals for the new year. A nice program for this is Canva.

Here I will show you how to make a digital moodboard in Canva:

If you want to know how to schedule your calendar, I would like to refer you to my blog post: Timemanagement! Tips on how to become a bosslady about your time. Here you will also find a practical YouTube video how I block my agenda to achieve my vision, goals and dreams.

Have fun dreaming and visually making your goals for 2021!

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

LENORA | Lady Prosperity

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