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The Slowjuicer | How does that work

A slow press

The Versapers is a slowjuicer.In Dutch, that means a “slow press”. The “slow” refers to the rotation speed of the mechanism. The Versapers has a speed of about 70 rpm. As a result, the juice is slowly squeezed out of the fruit or vegetable. The juicers separates the juice from the pulp; This comes from two different outputs from the machine.

High quality juice

So this is a cold pressing and a similar way of pressing as you have olive oil from cold pressing. The slow juicer is therefore a huge improvement over the juicer. This slowjuice technique of pressing ensures minimal friction, which creates almost no heat. This ensures that most enzymes and vitamins remain intact. The juice you make with the Versapers is of a high quality fiber and can be used in the fridge for 48 hours. Of all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can eat yourself by chewing on them, you can make fresh juice.

Slow yet fast

Slowly? No, no, no, no, no, no Slowly the Versapers is not, on average you make 2 large glasses of juice in 5 minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the type of fruit or vegetable you use. Due to the larger opening and the self-feeding screw, the Versapers is twice as fast and much easier to use than other slowjuicers on the market. The technique of the Versapers is the most tested and developed. That’s why we call the Versapers without hesitation the best all-round slowjuicer in the Netherlands.

Good for your health

Once you have decided to make juices a regular part of your daily diet, you will quickly notice the results: :

  • After 10 days you start to feel noticeably fitter. You sleep better and have less headaches, for example. Your bowel movements are significantly improving.
  • After 20 days you can start to see a reduction in obesity. Also, drinking juice develops into a real habit.
  • After 30 days you will discover that with some movement it takes much less effort to create muscle mass. You’re also bursting with energy by now..

Please note that during the first few days you may experience side effects (such as headaches or fatigue). These are phenomena that occur when your body gets rid of large amounts of waste. This is only temporary and the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. Keep going and you will feel remarkably more vital and energetic within 10 to 30 days.

The main features

Vertical press system:

This slow juicer works vertically, so that the fruit or vegetables fall directly into the press through the shaft and rotate. Pressing with a pestle is therefore unnecessary, which is a big advantage over a horizontal slowjuicer model.


The versapers’ clever design takes up to 50% less space than other slow-combiners.

Whisperless effect:

The powerful engine with noise reduction guarantees a whisper-quiet effect.

High returns:

The Versapers has improved output, which makes the device squeeze more juice from fruit and vegetables.


Not only prepares vegetable juice and fruit juice, but you can also make smoothies, nut and seed milk, ice cream, jam, tofu, soup and wheatgrass juice.

Handy rinsing method:

If you want to make a different juice during pressing, simply pour some water through the press vessel and let the Versapers run short without ingredients. This flushes the slowjuicer a bit, so you’re ready for another pressing or you can clean it even easier.


The Versapers slowjuicers have a very strong fine sieve and a powerful engine. You can count on years of press pleasure.


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