Building like an architect

Hai all,

There I go. My first blog post. And not even that I’ve already gone live with my website. No, during the construction of it, I found myself full of words to type out. Huh.. Yes I know. It sounds a little weird. But I live with the slogan “sharing is caring” and because of that I type all my experiences, feelings and discoveries and who knows, i might meet fellow citizens who understand what I’m going through in the process of building.

Lady Prosperity is my platform to pour all my scribbles, ideas about life. I have been an independent entrepreneur, entrepreneur, for about 2 years. And is full of dreams and visions for the future. But I had written all these dreams and visions on many notebooks and stored them neatly in the closet. Yes for ever, I thought. But that never came. Until about six months ago where I started to delve into all those written-down dreams.

You know what’s so crazy? When is that “ever” anyway? When is the right time to start something and end it? Starting is not such a point for me, but the art was in the ending. I call it the phasing out of the artwork. And what was all this about? Personal circumstances? Environmental events? The wonderfully active family life? Or procrastination. I have really come across them all in my journey to building my Lady Prosperity platform.

The beauty of my journey is that, as a believer, I put everything in prayer. And so is the question to God: “what are my obstacles?” And above all, the question: “would you like to send me help.” Because honestly, it’s nice to know what your problem is, but let me ask for a solution right away. There is a solution to every problem! Soon I met a special lady, who I will tell you more about later. This is already a blog post in itself. But what I do want to tell you now is that during one of her Boost your Life events, I realized that I wanted to be an architect in the past. But at the time, being an architect was a whole thing in my head. As a woman first 4 years of architecture and then another 4 years architect. I didn’t have time for that with my cockiness. On the advice of my mother, I went for “Executive Secretary/Management Assistant”. That advice came from a safe idea of “choose an office job, because you will definitely find work in it”. Sitting neatly in the office at the computer. Absolutely from that time. And I still do! Ha, you must have thought I was going to make it a little more exciting. No, I still really like being an Assistant. But the reality is that I really like a lot of things and that’s how I build it.

When you have a dream or a vision. Sometimes you can achieve procrastination through, for example, perfection, insecurities, fears. I’ve learned that sometimes you really just have to do things! Because the chances of the perfect moment being very small. You can also gain all your experiences while working towards your dream life, job, vision. It’s mainly about taking the step forward. And when your intention is right, you will grow. Step by step forward to your destination.

So my new construction project, my new born baby, I call Lady Prosperity. I build, design the model as I see it in my mind. And this building has many sides. Not just building a web store. But personal construction projects also go hand in hand. In this journey I begin to see more and more of myself. And that has made me realize that it’s starting to be a beautiful edifice. But the journey there has been a lot of stories to tell through trial and error.

All in all, welcome to my platform. Feel free to share my blog posts. And sign up for all lady prosperity’s future posts to join in this fun trip & be aware of all the fun developments in Lady Prosperity.

“Let’s get Prosperity in Life”



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