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Build up health resistance with the slowjuicer

Man oh man oh man, what a week! I have the flu. Well, that’s not even such a fascinating story. But the flu got to me so much that I no longer had a voice.. No voice people for a whole week. A week!. And that’s really new to me. As a person, a mother etc, you just need your voice to get through your day. But that was not an option for me this past week.

Funny sidenote: the kids started whispering to me, too. If I’d known that sooner, I’d have started whispering to them a long time ago. Tip No1. Try it with your kids and leave a message to see if it works for you too. Maybe we cracked a code. Ok back to my purpose of the story.

Now I have such a nice thing on the kitchen counter for a number of years: the Slowjuicer! My slowjuicer is one of the kitchen appliances that is used from time to time and usually in those months when it seems that everyone suddenly suffers from the flu!

Now I have to mention that it does not fall under one of the cheap kitchen appliances. But I can really recommend you to consider a slowjuicer in your kitchen range. For more information about the device itself, I would like to refer you to my blog

How does that work

It’s really worth it, believe me.

And so I went surfing the internet, on YouTube, and got all kinds of google search results. And it became more and more fun to discover what fruit and vegetables can have for effect on your body. Discovering natural medicines is amazing. For example, my mother drank ginger tea when she had the flu. But when I was a kid, I didn’t know how to get that in. First of all, it’s called hot, but i thought it was disgusting.

But the effect of ginger is interesting: it is anti-inflammatory, counters heartburn, acts as a natural painkiller, keeps your sinuses free, strengthens your immune system.. and there are many other benefits to be found in ginger.

And what’s so great about the slowjuicer. Is that you can make with carrot, orange, apple and a small piece of ginger. A healthy drink that even my smallest of 4 years old can and want to drink.

Slowjuicer ingredients

How about the vitamins of fruits and vegetables. The slow-combin gives a convenient way to get the children to take their daily vitamins. In a liquid form it’s fast, easy and they have no idea what’s in it. As long as it’s tasty. No problem at all with discussions that they do not like ginger, for example. Of course you have to make a good dosage of it, because with 2 cm ginger and 3 carrots and an apple. You’ll get me in a strange motion and primal noise.

For the real die hards among us a ginger shot is also recommended. Also goes super easy through the slowjuicer. That device even manages to squeeze juice out of a ‘dry’ root. I think it’s an art! When you put ginger lemon and a pinch of turmeric in a glass and beat back in 1x.. Then it will burn off all the disease critters from you! That’s what the kids call the bacteria or what’s causing sick. Flu, colds etc doesn’t stand a chance.

So this week I decided to roll myself out of bed and grab some carrot, apples, tangerines and ginger from the fruit bowl and do it by the slowjuicer. Et voil√°, my glass of real vitamins:


We can solve a lot in our bodies by taking good nutrition. Slowjuicen is really recommended!

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”



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