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Hey beautiful reader,

Great to see you here. I want to talk about a part of me & my business that was set up as a stubling block and I finally got to jump over it.

The Lady Prosperity Newsletter

Maybe that raises some questions like. Why can that ever be a stumbling block. Well let me give you a piece of my journey to prosperity.

The stumbling block

For me the stumbling block was to set up a newletter for my website. Why would that be so hard. Well simply because I have never had a newsletter before. I am writing blogposts for years now. But this was something on my to do list.. some day.

But with every part of building the business comes a time where I needed to look for more ways to grow. Mind you that this whole building the business journey is a journey of finding out how to get things done. A journey of learnings. And in that I find great joy.

The Lady Prosperity newsletter

So on that search how I can continue building. I read all sorts of articles about having a newsletter. Which is helpful to have more contact with your readers. Till now I did that by posting on my Instagram for instance. And share a piece of the blogpost with a nice picture.

And now I decided to focus more on that newsletter thing. One part that I’ll honestly say I was postponing. And ofcourse I also know why. First of all, I put it on my to do list. And didn’t set a date when I want it to be done. And didn’t plan steps towards that to do task.

And in that I did my research in how to even set something like that up in my website. And made that -to do thing- a priority. That is the great thing about planning a goal. I knew I would have a newsletter someday. I only needed to plan the steps to get there.

Sharing is caring

Step by step, little by little, I am building my newsletter. Which I now would love to share with you. So ok bare with me, I am just starting this new thing.

I would kindly ask you to subscribe to my Lady Prosperity Newsletter. You can find it on the right on my website.

In that you might think.. what is in it for me?! Well in the newsletters I will get more up close and personal. I mentioned I write blogposts for some time now. But in the newsletters, I will share more things about my personal journey. I have something new coming up. Besides that I have some new items in my Etsy store. I will share how to use them and how they can benefit you and your journey to a prosperous future.

I hope that that will inspire you to go on your own personal journey to prosperity. And hopefully share your journey with me some day.

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

Lady Prosperity

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