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Digital planning | What you need to plan effectively

Digital planning is a great way to get rid of paper use. This alone will make a big difference in felled trees and waste. But also space in your house without all those notebooks and planners.

A digital planner can be used on a device where you write everything down. For example, a computer, phone or tablet.

All your notes neatly stored in the Cloud, so that you can also access them on other devices. In short, super!

What do you need

I like to plan on my iPad. But nowadays Samsung also has a great tablet with pen. And I think there will be more and more tablets on the market with a pen so that you can write on it. The iPad has the Apple Pencil for that. And this 2 is my TOP duo to work with. Add GoodNotes and you’re good to go!

Favorite iPad apps

IPad has a default Notes app. Here you can easily make notes. But writing is also very simple here. This is free of charge. Plus everything you type on your phone can be synced to your iPad or computer. This is on all Apple devices where you use the app.

But don’t worry. Also with Microsoft Office you have a free option to plan digitally. This can be done in OneNote. Also with this app you can take your notes on your phone and sync them with your computer.

But my absolute favorite is GoodNotes 5. This is an app in the Apple Store. It costs € 7.99. And the possibilities with GoodNotes are enormous. Apart from taking notes, I also use my Lady Prosperity planner in it.

GoodNotes 5

What can I tell you about GoodNotes? Before I had my Apple Pencil, I could also write down my notes in it via the write option. But it becomes even more fun if you can also write in it. It has several pages that you can use.

Bullet journal

But also e.g. a bullet journal page. Some people are extremely creative in creating their own agenda in a bullet journal. This can be done digitally in GoodNotes 5.


Drawing is also very easy with the many colors and thicknesses of your pen. Where you can make beautiful creations on a blank sheet.

Annotate PDF / documents

Signing and filling out a form is really a breeze with GoodNotes 5. This saves a lot of time. You don’t have to print and scan again. That time is over. Everything is much easier and faster like that.

Take a look at their website to see what else you can do with it. I haven’t touched a notebook or paper calendar since I got the app on my iPad.

Lady Prosperity Planner

I have developed a new Lady Prosperity Planner that you can use in GoodNotes. I also made a video of this so you can see how you can use it with GoodNotes 5.

If you also like the planner. Then you can buy it in my Etsy store.

Also check out my Instagram and YouTube channel for some useful tutorials. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

Lady Prosperity

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