Testimony time | My testimony how God blessed me for Corona 2020

I’m going to share a testimony with you. The reason why I have so many things to say about God and how God works in my life. God blessed me immensely before corona struck in 2020. Now February 2021, a year later. I look back at how I experienced this time last year.

Before I ended up with my current employer. I was working from home. I support independent entrepreneurs in their companies. With the administration and everything that comes with it. You can think of making appointments, planning their calendar. Things you can do remotely as a virtual assistant. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve been doing this for years, but I missed something. As a result, I was looking here and there at interesting vacancies.

I’ve always had my eye on Albert Heijn. I live in Amsterdam and the headquarters of Albert Heijn. Also called Ahold/Delhaize is in Zaandam. For me, that’s the highway up and of. And with about 10 to 15 minutes, you are there. I’ve always thought, that seems like a great employer to work for. So when I saw the vacancy, I thought. I’m going to give it my best effort!

I really wanted to get back to people. And also go back to a work location, meet people. Just get back around people. The Monday morning conversations at the coffee machine, were things I looked forward to. Working from home can be fun, but I don’t meet any new people there. No spontaneous conversations or something like that.

So I applied. And what I always do when I have something big in mind. Something I’d like to share with God. And what I need His hand for to open the doors. Then I’m going to pray and fast. And praying and fasting has always been a game changer for me.

Prayer & fasting

It’s always for me to be sharper in my perceptions. To be able to listen more sharply to how God moves and speaks in my life. But also for this kind of things. Where I ask for help from God, for example, writing a cover letter. Or to get my motivation on paper. I ask God practical things, too.

And I was totally convinced that God had told me, you get that job. I was invited of course, so I was totally happy. I was allowed to come on location for a job interview in Zaandam with 2 ladies from the HR department. And it all seemed to be in the pocket. Until I got a call and they told me they made a choice for someone else. I was totally perplexed. Because I was really convinced I was going to get this job.

The conversation went so wonderfully naturally. I could be myself. Came out of my words well. And there was also a good click. So I was really convinced I was going to get that job. But unfortunately it wasn’t so. And they probably would have just chosen the other lady who fitted better at that position. But this job was also for 32 hours. And my heart wanted a 24-hour job. This is because I would like to keep hours free to build my own company and bloggin. My Youtube videos making and such. My ideal of 24 hours lies in the combination of working, motherhood, having your own company. And put all my dreams and visions into effect. Working 24 hours would, in my view, be very good for that.

I’ve been sobbing for a week. And this is what I say in all honesty. I was disappointed. And also began to think that I didn’t hear it right from God. Maybe it was my own heart, my own desire that spoke so loudly. And not God’s voice. That I so badly wanted to believe it was God’s voice, who said. You get the job. But I also remembered hearing that I was going to get that job the way I wanted it to be.

But God…

Now I did not get the job. But somehow I had hope and thought, maybe it will come some day. And after a week of sobbing, I got a call. And they said, we’ve created a job for you. Created was the word. We’ve created a job. There were four people who needed support. And if she added up to how many hours of support it took. It came at 24 hours.

I was allowed to start work right away, because I had already had a job interview. So my big YES was, “This is the job God meant.” This is the job He told me to get, the way I wanted to. This brought me to the following: my ideal is to be able to work during my children’s school hours. I like bringing them to school. But I also like being home when they get out of school. I wasn’t sure if that’s still possible in this day and age. I started to ask how they see the working hours. And what I like their ideal. But I’ve also said what I’d like. My ideal is to work 2 whole days and 2 half days. So I could get back to school in time to pick them up. And that wasn’t a problem at all. And what I asked for while praying and fasting. I got it that way!

I started this job in February 2020. And yes I got to know a very nice people and new colleagues, nice workplace, nice people in the room. And a month later. Corona! We’d all be at home.

So the irony. I was already working at home and I started applying because I really wanted to go to the office. I want to get to know the new people. I wanted to physically leave my house and the month later I was back home. Only now as a management assistant for four directors. And I work for the online team. So online is the department that has actually started to grow well in the corona time.

So now I look back on my year and can really say, God’s hand is on my life. He’s blessed me with Corona with a stable job where I don’t have to worry about whether or not I have income. He gave it the way I really wanted it in the beginning. But he also took care of my income. That my earnings were stable for the foreseeable future.

The flag is flying!

And now a year later, the flag goes out. Because I’ve been on the service for a year. I’m still having a great time. I hope this can encourage you to do what you want so badly. That you involve God in your life. And in everything you do. And what I’ve learned in prayer and fasting is. God is a speaking God. He speaks to our hearts. If he does not speak directly, he speaks through creation. And he speaks through people. God speaks in wisdom and with that you can get so much direction in your life. That you’re actually making your steps with Him together.

I’ll certainly share more testimonies with you, because there are so many things I’m going through. That I should just share it, because it’s just too much fun to tell. Not necessarily to show that I am so great and that I get so many great things from God. But for you to encourage that God also loves you and wants to bless you too. And want to walk with you in all your plans and goals in life. That’s my Prosperity in Life <3

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life

LENORA | Lady Prosperity

If you want to hear my testimony on Youtube, you can watch it below

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